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"A dark, mysterious being"


Aevaris is a Spearhead user on best known for his website,, which provides much Interstellar Marines related content, such as a forum search feature for the Interstellar Marines discussion board, a user info page or the Poll of the Week. He lives in the United States (ITO territory) and currently owns seven support medals.

Aevaris also is known for his habit of greeting new members and welcoming them in the forum. This greeting commonly consists of telling the user to play Bullseye or Running Man if they have not already done so, and also following with the phrase "For the love of the game!"

Aevaris also holds a forum weekly 'event' called "Poll of the Week" as mentioned above which includes random weekly questions that you answer with multiple choice bubbles like you do on your middle school and high school standardized testing. Also, he is known for lurking in the dark and spying on every user through some unknown means. Some say its magic, others claim its through computation spiders, and others theorize that he is just some dark mysterious being.