This page contains ideas about the directions we should go with the Kickstarter to ensure its success. Please constructively add to this page.

Ideas for Zero Point Software to follow or do:

  1. Update Deadlock with the Gorge map on a third server. Possibly also add 2 servers per map.
  2. Put Running Man and Deadlock up on Kongregate (maybe 1 map for free after the Kickstarter in Deadlock?)

News sites to contact for coverage or oppertunity for an interview:

  1. IGN
  2. GameSpot
  3. PCgamer
  4. Kotaku
  5. Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Famous people in the game community (i.e. YouTube celebrities):

Worth contacting:

  1. Husky
  2. Jesse cox
  3. Dodger

Would be great but unlikely to happen:

  1. TobyGames
  2. PewDiePie
  3. Notch (tweet about the IM Kickstarter)

Things the community should do:

  1. Post on popular forums that are relavent to IM or games
  2. Post on forums such as System Shock forums and other forums from games that IM is inspired by
  3. Post it all over Linux forums
  4. Maybe make the shark creature go viral over the internet
  5. Meaningfully bump this post (don't say "bump", do say "Looks sweet!" or "I just backed!")

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