Campaign and Challenges Edit

Currently there is 3 Campaign missions and 5 Challenges. Two of the Campaign missions and all the Challenges can be played in CO-OP. There is also "Get Killed By Bots" a single player experience to practice against bots on a small map.

Campaign Edit

Introduction Edit

"Welcome to the Interstellar Warfare Initiative. Your country has send you here to try out for the Interstellar Marines Program. You're a top tier Special Forces Soldier and have just woken up inside 'The Vault'. Located 2km below the salty soil of Fromm Lake, Nevada, the Vault is ITO's most top-secret special projects facility in the world. Time to begin your training." available only in singleplayer

Assault on Starcrown Aerospace Edit

"Starcrown Aerosapce is ITO's largest supplier of space avionics and research, Starcrown is currently collaborating heavily with ITO Strategic Command to develop 'The Altair Project'. Your mission is to infiltrate Starcrown's primary research and development facility and test the facilities security against unauthorized entry."

The NeuroGen Incident Edit

"An emergency situation at a pharmaceutical research and development space station requires the assistance of ITO. Most of the crew has evacuated and there is no communication with whoever is left. Faced with an unknown crisis, Interstellar Marines are sent in with the primary objective of retrieving all research data."

Challenges Edit

Elimination Edit

Eliminate all Sentry Combat Training Robots scattered around the Map.

Current Maps: Stronghold | Mainline

Survival Edit

Infiltrate the Map and activate all power nodes while surviving a horde of Defective Combat Training Robots.

Current Maps: Operations | Coloney

Escape Edit

Escape the Map while being seriously outnumbered by Defective Combat Training Robots.

Current Maps: Nucleus