Skins, also known as camo/camoufage are alternative looks for your Marine that were added in Update 25: Chameleon and can be unlocked with Combat Points, Training Rank or as exclusives for the Spearhead Edition of the game.

Skins unlocked via Training Rank Edit

There are 9 skins that are unlocked after a certain Training Rank is reached.

  • TR-0 - Prime Inception
  • TR-20 - Concrete Dawn
  • TR-40 - Wood Solid
  • TR-60 - Desert Solid
  • ‡TR-60 - Urban Solid
  • TR-80 - Silver Eagle
  • TR-100 - Ghost Raven
  • ‡TR-100 - Salty Sandbox
  • ‡TR-100 - Boondock Greens

Skins unlocked with Combat Points Edit

There are currently 27 skins (With more to come) that are unlocked via purchasing them with Combat Points. These all can be bought in packs costing 13,500CP (With a few exceptions) or individually for each gun and the ZeroEnv Combat Suit for 5,000CP each.

  • Wood Fleck
  • Wood Digital
  • Wood Hex
  • Desert Fleck
  • Desert Digital
  • Desert Hex
  • Murky Meadow
  • Feral Oasis
  • Scorched Mirage
  • Siberian Breeze
  • Night Shadow
  • Indurate Moss
  • Arctic Recon
  • Urban Glade
  • Krystalized Ocean
  • †FDF M04 Desert
  • †FDF M05 Forest
  • †FDF M05 Snow
  • †FDF M05 Winter
  • *SWAT Green Honey
  • ‡Under Construction
  • ‡Interstellar Marshal
  • ‡Carcharodon Giger
  • ‡Urban Fleck
  • ‡Urban Digital
  • ‡Urban Hex

*) Weapon skin only.

†) ZeroEnv Combat Suit skin only.

‡) Unreleased skin.

Spearhead Edition Exclusives Edit

There are 4 skins that are unlocked from purchasing the Spearhead Edition of the game.

  • Frontier Cadet
  • Cyclone Commando
  • Capacity Lifter
  • ‡Hunter

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