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The Patch of the Spearhead Unit

The Spearhead Unit is an elite group of the Interstellar Marines. Only 75,000 Marines are allowed to join. They have a special Spearhead patch that distinguishes them from Enlisted and Frontliner Marines. Spearheads, as the name implies, spearhead any operation conducted by the Interstellar Treaty Organisation (ITO) Strategic Command, sometimes joined by Frontliners.

Ahem - Now for real information of Spearheads.

- Only 75,000 are allowed to join as mentioned above.
- The upgrade normally costs $39.00.
- Spearheads get a free digital copy for PC of all the titles in the INTERSTELLAR MARINES trilogy: First Contact, When Worlds Collide, and Satellite of Saturn, as soon as they come out.
- They are recognized in forums by customizable avatars, a Spearhead frame around their avatar, and the Spearhead font color. They also carry a special Spearhead Unit patch on the shoulder, both on-site and in-game.
- Pre-access to all playable releases and selected content on stuff like wallpapers, concept art, high quality mp3s and updates).
- Spearheads are also the first to receive invitations to join beta programs.

Badge GalleryEdit

- They will be the ones remembered for their love for INTERSTELLAR MARINES and for their believe in AAA Indie, and they will be treated accordingly. FtLotG (For the Love of the Game)!

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