There will be a total of 27 weapons in the game and all of them are fully customizable.

Weapons In-game and Planned.

Assault Rifle 03Edit

Assault Rifle used by the ITO.

- Rate of Fire: Semi | Burst(3) | Full-Auto

- Attachments: Flashlight | Laser | Suppressor | 4x Magnification Scope

- Magazine Size: 21

CE-6 Sub Machine Gun Edit

Sub machine Gun used by the ITO:

- Rate of Fire: Semi | Burst(4) | Full-Auto | 2x Magnification Scope

- Attachments: Flashlight | Laser | Suppressor

- Magazine Size: 18

Rhino Tactical Shotgun Edit

Is a (conjecture) 12 gauge shotgun used by the ITO.

*not yet in game*

OS-1 PistolEdit

Standard Sidearm.

- Rate of Fire: Semi

- Attachments: Flashlight | Laser

- Magazine Size: 18