The discovery of this virtually unlimited ressource was the beginning of a new era, and the union of human kind. Learn more about the first experiments that formed the foundation for interstellar travel.Edit


Few believed that the exponential technological evolution of the 20th century would ever be paralleled. The 21st century not only paralleled it – it went beyond it. The single-most important reason for this was the discovery of Zero Point Energy.

Originally proposed by Albert Einstein and Otto Stern the concept of Zero Point Energy started as a purely theoretical quirk to explain a residual term needed to solve the equations of quantum mechanics. One April morning in 2100 aboard the International Space Station, a team of top scientists from all around the world managed to produce a quantum of energy from the vacuum of space surrounding them. Showing the possibility to generate pure energy exploiting the fabric of space-time itself, the experiment showed promise to solve the depletion of Earth’s energy sources. It was the end of a dark age of apocalyptic prophecies, and the beginning of a brighter and better future.


It was suggested to diverge the power obtained in the experiment to the propulsion system of the space-station holding it in orbit. Rather than maintaining stationary distance to Earth as predicted, the experiment sent the 2 million ton space station hurling rapidly away from Earth threatening the lives of those aboard. An emergency rescue mission led by the ITO special forces managed to retrieve the ISS-scientists and most staff after almost 10 months of chasing the uncontrollable facility.

Subsequent evaluation of the experiment revealed it to have generated energy equivalent to roughly 86% of that produced by powerplants in the entirety of human history.( Referenced from:

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